StratEx LLC
Aligning Strategy and Execution
Getting Technology Strategy Right
In today's speed-of-light economy it is important to have the right balance between agility and precision. Strategies have to be flexible to adapt to changing markets, but solutions must yield consistent, robust performance.

At StratEx, we are experts at both strategy and execution. We help technology companies and financial institutions, "do the right thing" as well as "do things right."

Deep Expertise- From Strategic Planning, Global Alliances, and Mergers to Product Management, Product Development, Go-to-Market Programs, and Vendor Selection, we bring decades of experience in line and staff roles at leading companies in the technology and financial services space.

Actionable Advice- We hit the ground running to accelerate your business because we get what it takes to bring technology solutions to market. Our hands-on approach allows you to use us as a cost effective extension of your team.

Global Reach- With business experience in more than 45 countries, we bring an understanding of what it takes to operate in a global environment. Whether it is forging alliances for market entry or leveraging resources for product development, we can help bridge gaps in business practice and culture.
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