StratEx LLC
Aligning Strategy and Execution
We serve your needs through four carefully designed practices. Whether it is charting your organization's future, ensuring timely delivery of quality solutions, positioning and promoting your offerings, or selecting the best solution providers to work with, we have world-class expertise to assist you.

Strategy- What is the vision for your organization? What is the best way to get there? Is it better to build in-house or partner with someone, or does an acquisition make sense? Too many products, too many markets- how do you profitably rationalize your portfolio? How will the competition react to your moves? We work closely with your management team to help you go from vision to reality.

Delivery- How do you go from an idea to an implemented solution? Does it make sense to use offshore and near-shore resources, or is it better to stay home? How do you maintain the balance between agility and quality? What is the best way to trade-off customizing your product versus making it configurable to meet varied market needs? Our experts will roll up their sleeves and join your Product Management and Engineering teams to chart the right course.

Marketing- What is the best way to position your organization and its offerings to resonate with the marketplace? Do you have the right messaging that aligns and supports your positioning? How can you build thought leadership using the right mix of promotional vehicles? Are your Sales and Marketing organizations working in synergy to ensure the best results? Our specialists have taken large and small organizations from relative obscurity to market leadership. We can accelerate your journey to marketing excellence as force multipliers working with your in-house team.

Vendor Evaluation- How do you select a solution provider from myriad suppliers who all claim to be better, faster and cheaper? What is the best way to frame and evaluate Requests for Proposal to quickly zero in on the best solution? How do you ensure providers can indeed provide solutions in the time frame and quality level promised? We bring deep domain expertise to work with you from proposal inception to provider selection to optimize solution viability and minimize delivery risk.
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